Honestly, Melissa has worked at Fayette County Public Library for fifteen years.  So, it really can’t be said that she’s “new”.  But, I would like you to know more about FCPL’s Assistant Director.  Melissa assumed that job, and title, on February 12, 2013.

Melissa is from Westport, Indiana.  She graduated from South Decatur Jr-Sr High School.  She holds a Bachelor of Science, in School Media Services, from Ball State University.  Her Master of Library Science degree is from Indiana University (IUPUI).

Before coming to FCPL, Melissa worked for Jac-Cen-Del School Jr-Sr High School as Media Specialist.  She started at FCPL in September 1997 as Audio-Visual Librarian and Technology Coordinator.  She later became the Teen Librarian and Technology Coordinator.

She is married with two children (lovely daughters).  Her hobbies are NASCAR, Reading, and Cross stitch.  Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her children.

One of her most memorable experiences was with NASCAR. She says, “I spent four days taking photos in the pits and garage area for Racing Communications at Martinsville, Virginia.  I received the honor of having photos published on NASCAR.com (Jeff Gordon) and on Robby Gordon Racing.”

She loves to read, especially Teen and Tween books.  Her favorites:  Delirium  series by Lauren Oliver, Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  Melissa also likes books written by Rick Riordan.  Favorite music genre: Country

I am pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with Melissa.  She is a talented and dedicated staff member.  She has been an active participant on the Bicentennial Planning and Bicentennial Book committees.   She is also a member of the Kiwanis.  We’re lucky to have her as an employee!


—Anne Marie, Library Director


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2012 is winding down and soon we will be ringing in 2013.  With the holiday’s approaching the library will be closed on the following days:

December 24 – Closed Christmas Eve
December 25 – Closed Christmas Day
December 31 – Close at 1:00 PM
January 1 – Closed New Years Day

In the event of a weather closing it will be noted on WIFE/WCNB, Kicks96, Channel 3, Facebook, and Channel 8.  If it is Fayette County is under a no travel emergency then the library will be close to comply with the law.  If in doubt call 827-0883 before traveling.  Any materials due on a closed day will be due on the next open day.  We are concerned about all of our patrons safety.

Thank you,

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The Fayette County Public Library is trying to round up some adults who might be interested in having a Sci Fi book discussion group at the library.  If you are interested in a Sci Fi group, please email me at ann@fcplibrary.lib.in.us or call me at 827-0883.  Spread the work!


-Ann Hoehn, Director

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No one else I know spends as much time as I do driving back and forth, back and forth between home and the library, home and work, home and work–every day, day in and day out, over and over and over again.  It sounds absolutely awful, doesn’t it?  Well, it would be spectacularly awful is it weren’t for one truly remarkable discovery that I made shortly after I started work at FCPL.  My discovery:  I LOVE AUDIO BOOKS!  I LOVE THEM!

Audio books and I are a match made in heaven!  A good audio book in the morning refreshes my soul and inspires me!  In the evening, it delivers me home with peace of mind and a relaxed attitude.  My husband, of course, appreciates this!  What I’ve also found is that audio books have helped improve my listening skills as well as my actual reading skills!  (Scientific research, from what I understand, bares this observation out.)

While I will occasionally buy an overstocked, deeply discounted audio book for myself, most of the audio books I listen to come from the Fayette County Public Library–my employer, my friend.  From the library I borrow regular audio books
that I pull off the library shelf, but I also check out electronic audio books,
or e-audio books, that I download through the library’s website, fcplibrary@lib.in.us.  Of course, there is no charge for this.

I need something to keep myself occupied while in the car.  Plus, since I am in the car so much I have little time during the week for reading. So, I listen to books instead! The result:  I have a more pleasant commute, and I am usually in a good mood when I get to work in the morning.

Simply put—I am a kinder, gentler person because of audio books!  Really!
It is true!  Is this an awesome endorsement for audio books, or what!?
Indeed it is.

I encourage all of you to find your passion at the Fayette County Public Library (and please read my blog, too!) I decided about a year ago that I wanted to become something  of an expert—albeit, a minor expert, if there is such a thing–on mystery
series, and I’ve been steadily working toward that goal.  I average one audio book a week, but during  the winter when commutes are often slow and hard going, I average is a bit higher.

Thank you and so long!

Ann Hoehn, FCPL Director @ ann@fcplibrary.lib.in.us

P.S.  I select the  adult and young adult audio books for FCPL, and if there is a particular audio  book that you’d like me to buy FCPL, please let me know!

Keep in mind that most of the audio books I’ll be discussing  in this blog are available in print, too!

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Hi All.

I’d like to tell you about a resource that is available through FCPL’s website.  It’s called NoveList, and I LOVE it!  In short, NoveList provides reading recommendations to library patrons.  It uses authors, titles, series, and other variables as a starting point for making these recommendations.  NoveList is a well-respected subscription service used by numerous libraries across the country.  I think it is a fine product!

NoveList offers Author-Read-Alikes, Book Discussion Guides, and Recommended Reads book lists, all of which are created by leading readers’ advisors who are experts at making reading recommendations.  These Readers’ Advisory Librarians create recommendations for NoveList by combining their personal reading experience with research about the author, title, or series. 

When a librarian creates a NoveList recommendation, he or she provides the reason for making the author, title, or series recommendation.  Elements such as general topic, characterization, tone, storyline, pacing, location, and/or writing style are considered.

NoveList can be found, among other places, at the bottom of our homepage under Online Databases.  Have fun exploring!

-Ann Hoehn, FCPL Director

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